We believe that churches thrive and followers of Christ live more abundantly when they embrace their unique design and pursue their calling.  For the individual, Multipliers exists to challenge and guide men, women, boys and girls as they discover and engage their unique, God-given purpose. For the church, Multipliers works to come alongside every church in an effort to release every Christ-follower into their God-given purpose. We love the local church and believe that one’s calling is most effectively explored and lived out in the context of community.


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Discover Your Role in Building the Kingdom by Todd Wilson of Exponential

From the first time I met Bob Buford, author of Halftime and founder of Leadership Network, we shared a kindred spirit. I can’t think of another man other than my own father who has had greater influence on shaping how I measure success than Bob. <<read more>>


Hero Maker Practice 5: Kingdom Builder by Todd Wilson of Exponential

The fifth and final hero maker practice is Kingdom building—a shift in counting. Instead of counting the people who show up at “my thing,” you begin to count the leaders whom you send to go out and do “God’s thing.” <<read more>>