Be fruitful, increase greatly, and multiply!

God calls His people to be fruitful and increase in number. Jesus makes this personal by calling us to faithful stewardship and surrender that leads to 30X, 60X, and even 100X impact.

This calling is inspiring, but is it really possible for me to multiply?

Multiplication is the fruit or overflow of repeated cycles of healthy reproduction. In turn, healthy reproduction is found in embracing the RIGHT KIND of addition (or growth). If we embrace the right kind of addition, we can multiply! Multipliers is committed to seeing the right kind of addition fuel multiplication where you work, live, study, and play! 


You can do it, and we can help!

Multipliers is a community of multiplication activists and guides

We’re a community of experienced multiplication activists who care deeply about the mission of Jesus, the future of the church, and the effectiveness of followers of Jesus living on His mission. We exist to come alongside and accelerate the impact of leaders and organizations pursuing Biblical multiplication!

I'm Todd Wilson...

Team Leader >> Multipliers

Futuristic | Strategic | Activator

I serve leaders and ministries who are pursuing multiplication, and help them develop vision and strategy for 100X impact. I’m an entrepreneurial engineer, passionate about creating pictures of future possibilities and strategies for turning them into reality. Click here to visit my web site.



Our Shaping Factors
  • Kingdom-motivated leaders want to live fruitful lives, on mission, producing 30x, 60x ... 100X impact

  • How we add makes all the difference. Fruitful impact is produced by the right kind of growth that is capable of reproducing.

  • Healthy church reproduction is not a normative measure of success for most churches with less than 10% of churches ever reproducing

  • The prevailing programmatic church growth engine that has fueled the mega and multisite movements is losing steam. Programmatic growth engines are:

  • incapable of reproducing and inherently consume volunteers rather than mobilize missionaries

  • producing consumer, cultural Christians rather than disciple-making, everyday missionaries

  • increasingly less effective at reaching people, thereby taking more effort for less impact

Missionary Approach

A Key Distinctive

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Supported ministries...

We serve as personal and project strategic advisors and launch engineers for the senior leadership teams of organizations impacting the future of church multiplication.


Distributing thought leadership to equip leaders for the accelerated multiplication of healthy, reproducing faith communities.

Passion for Planting

An integrated church planter support system that includes high quality resources, assessment, distance residency, project management and coaching.

Renew Movement

A new collaborative, theologically centered network, equipping disciple makers to plant Biblically based, disciple making, reproducing churches.

Houston CPN

A network of networks committed to strengthening church planters to multiply churches to reach every man, woman and child in the greater Houston region

Plant NC

A new collaborative church planting network seeking to champion Gospel saturation in North Carolina via healthy, reproducing churches


An innovation agency that helps leaders scale their vision and ministry via high-impact labs and custom project support.

Leadership Network

Distributing thought leadership to equip leaders for healthy church growth that is capable of Biblical reproduction

Church mOS

Collaborative to develop a new church multiplication operating system (Church mOS) to replace the prevailing programmatic growth engine


How can we help you?

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