We believe our greatest opportunity is a Learning Community.  Exponential and others have been conducting Learning Communities for years and the results have been significant.  Our Leading Community will be slightly different.  We believe that we are so early in the movement of churches authentically releasing people into ministry that there are virtually no subject matter experts.  For instance, there are multi-site churches who can serve as subject matter experts because of their experience and longevity.  There are churches who can teach other churches about succession transitions.  There are very few churches who are far enough down the road of systemically launching their members into their calling.

Our first Learning Community will start…from the start.  We will work to identify the churches that have learning something about releasing the laity.  We hope to find multiple churches who understand pieces of what it takes – we will then combine those thoughts and practices to form some wholistic best practices.  One significant deliverable will be a set of measurements we can circulate so that churches can assess whether or not they are simply signing up volunteers or actually releasing individuals into their unique calling.  That set of metrics will be used to formulate online assessments, webinars,  conferences, books, etc. to start chipping away at old paradigms and reset the normative measure of success.

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