The Locker Room

In the mid-2000’s Bob Buford invested in The Locker Room in Brentwood, Tennessee.  The Locker Room was a local gathering of those influenced by Bob to share the journey from success to significance in community.  Lead by Greg Murtha, Dick Gygi and Derek Bell hundreds of men and women were impacted by this group.

For the larger group, The Locker Room was a place to gather and be inspired by those further along on the journey—leaders who had transitioned to significant kingdom work (many of which stayed in their same vocation).  The Locker Room featured Bob himself, Dale Dawson, Rich Sterns, Dr. Bob Synder, Jossy Chacko, and others who came as visiting speakers.  For a smaller group, The Locker Room offered guidance on the journey in a small group/roundtable setting.

The results of The Locker Room are still felt today as leaders step by faith into a place of significance and are tangibly impacting society.  Our goal is to “franchise” The Locker Room.  The Buford Library will offer resources for volunteers to launch Locker Rooms in their local area.  We will provide resources to communicate the vision, support for leaders, curriculum for the guided and more in-depth journey and access to speakers that we will network together.

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