The Multipliers Journey Co::Lab

Learn and apply the new Multipliers Journey tools to create a church planting action plan for your church!

For Such a Time as This!

What will your church’s legacy be? Will it be known for seating capacity and programs, or for sending capacity and impact that ripples far beyond the lifespan of your church?

As we consider the state of the North American church, leaders are increasingly disappointed with the prevailing programmatic, consumer-driven church operating system results. When it does produce, it is producing in decreasing amounts. What it is producing isn’t capable of multiplication. Have you sensed or felt this pain?

Will you continue to be a “lake church” pursuing accumulation, or are you ready to become a “river church” that’s known for its multiplying impact of reproducing churches throughout the land?

Your Church Is One Decision Away

Have you been wanting to plant a church but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve gotten started in church planting and now you’re ready to 10x your results?

You are just one decision away.

Moving from Good Intentions to Action

Multiplication is not a normative measure of success – only 7% of US churches express any kind of reproduction at all. There’s a reason we’re not reproducing. In large part, it’s due to the  shortcomings of the prevailing consumer-driven, programmatic operating system. We’ve been adding in a way that turns out to actually suppress reproduction.

To overcome the resistance and become a reproducing church requires both intentionality and a plan.

Meet the Multipliers Journey Co::Lab

The Multipliers Journey Co::Lab is a six-month, peer-to-peer collaborative environment for a team of 3-5 leaders from your church. It will be held virtually or in-person depending on responses. You’ll collaborate with teams from 8-12 churches that, like you, want a simple, straightforward way to start planting or to multiply their current results tenfold.

Your team will learn together and apply the Multipliers Journey tools to create both a custom planting strategy and tactical plan to implement that strategy. On the journey, you’ll also get tools for tuning up or installing a disciple-making engine in your church.

The Journey

The Multipliers Journey consists of monthly 3-hour (virtual) or 4-hour (in-person) sessions, kicking off August/September 2024 to walk you through 5 distinct phases.

  • Phase 1 - DISCOVERY - 1st Month

    How do we shift from addition to multiplication?

  • Phase 2 - COMMITMENT - 2nd Month

    How do we cultivate a multiplication mindset?

  • Phase 3 - ALIGNMENT - 3rd Month

    How do we mobilize for multiplication?

  • Phase 4 - PLANNING - 4th and 5th Months

    How do we develop a multiplication plan?

  • Phase 5 - IMPLEMENTATION - 6th Month

    How do we execute a strategy for multiplication?


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New Friends in Ministry

On your Multipliers Journey, you will bring a team of 3-5 primary leaders from your church to the learning Co: Lab and interact with teams from 8-12 churches. You'll share ideas, inspire each other, and know that your church is not in this alone.

Tools for Disciple Making

Multiplying disciples is key to multiplication at every level, and it has to be the core mission and growth engine of the church, not just another program. On your Multipliers Journey, you will gain simple but powerful tools you can start using right away to install a disciple-making engine at your church.

Custom Action Plan

More than just new realizations, inspiration and determination, you'll craft an actionable, custom multiplication plan down to the dates, dollars and doers. Your church can start implementing the action plan right away.

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