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This mOS Cohort is for leaders seeking to launch new churches capable of multiplication. Participants will  learn and apply the new mOS process tool to discern a contextually specific multiplication model and develop strategic and tactical plans for using it in a specific launch project. This Cohort begins in September 2024 and runs for nine months. This exclusive peer-to-peer experience is limited to 10 participants. Applicants must have a strong endorsement from a sponsoring leader or organization. Click here to download an information packet on this cohort for church planters.

Application Deadline


Limited to 10 Leaders

Applications are taken and considered on a first-come, case basis, and the cohort may be filled out before the application deadline. Do not delay in submitting your application before the August 16, 2024 deadline.

Weighing the Cost

The mOS Cohort experience represents a significant investment of time and energy by the participant, the sponsor, and the mOS equipping team, and a significant financial investment. We take seriously the stewardship of this unique, exclusive experience. The learnings from this cohort will likely impact 1,000s of churches in the future. 
Selecting candidates who are compatible with the purpose and goals of this cohort is critical to the health and livelihood of the participating planters and to the success of the pilot. Implementing a new operating system is not for the faint of heart, and will require a deep conviction to implementing new wineskins. The journey will require sacrifice, and will certainly be met with spiritual warfare.
We ask that candidates do a serious self-reflection and assessment to weigh the costs and to ensure there is a solid fit before applying. Please do not apply if you or your sponsor have any question about your fit and compatibility. We encourage you to discuss any questions or uncertainties you have with us before applying.

Application Process

The application process includes the following steps:
  • Sponsor Endorsement and Nomination

    The mOS design team has empowered partnering leaders and organizations to sponsor participants in this mOS Cohort. Your first step is to get a strong endorsement and referral from a sponsoring leader or organization. Each sponsor will have criteria for assessing the compatibility of candidates for this initiative. Obtain a 500 word or less written referral / endorsement from a participating sponsor that you can paste into your online application in step 3 below.

  • Candidate Self-Assessment of Fit

    After receiving a referral / endorsement from a sponsor, applicants are requested to do a candid self-assessment of their fit. This reflection should consider the qualifications section, expectations section, and weighing the cost section from this page. Please weigh your decision carefully before proceeding to the online application in step 3.

  • Submit Online Application

    After completing steps 1 and 2 above, continue to the online application on this page. Be sure to review your self-assessment results with your sponsor before completing the application. The application requires you to provide your sponsor endorsement, your self-assessment, and your agreement to the terms of the grant and cohort expectations. The application takes less than 30 minutes to complete. You will be notified within 7 days on whether you are being selected for a final onboarding interview.

  • Onboarding Interview and Acceptance

    The final step in the process is an online compatibility interview with your sponsor and the mOS Team. The primary purpose of this call is to review the basic expectations for participants and to get their commitment to proceed with participating. Approved candidates will be given advance reading and homework assignments to be completed before the initial face-to-face gathering in Raleigh, NC in September 2024.

For questions about the application process, please email

Applicant Qualifications

Successful candidates will have the following qualifications affirmed by their sponsors and through self-assessment. Because this is a significant commitment of time and energy, applicants must verify, along with their sponsor, that the following qualifications are met.

Participant Expectations

Participants must agree to the following expectations to be accepted into this exclusive mOS Cohort. We want to be clear upfront about the commitment required for this journey.

  • In-Person Gatherings

    Participants and sponsors/coaches MUST attend both Two-Day In-Person Gatherings in September 2024 and January 2025.

  • Zoom Calls

    Participants MUST participate in the following Zoom calls unless permission is given to miss (participation is optional for sponsors/coaches except where indicated):

    • One 2-hour Orientation Zoom Call in September 2024 (sponsor/coach MUST also participate)
    • Monthly 3-hour Group Zoom Coaching/Equipping Calls in October, November, and December 2024
    • Semi-Monthly 1.5-hour Group Zoom Coaching/Equipping Calls in February, March, April and May 2024
    • Two One-on-One Zoom Coaching/Equipping Calls (one in the fall of 2024 and one in the spring of 2025)

  • Homework Assignments

    Assignments will be given to be completed between Zoom Calls. Participants MUST diligently apply themselves to complete these assignments on time and share results with their sponsors and our mOS coaches.

  • Launch Plan

    This cohort's primary products include a strategic plan, vision frame, and tactical launch plan/playbook developed from your contextualization of the mOS. Participants MUST invest heavily in customizing their launch plan.

  • Peer-to-Peer Learning

    Participants must actively build relationships with and learn from other participants. They must also adopt a posture of collaboration and peer-to-peer learning and sharing.

  • Online Portal

    We are using Passion for Planting’s state-of-the-art online system for launch plan development and management. Participants MUST use this online system to develop their launch plans/playbooks and share access with sponsors/coaches and other participants.

  • mOS Expression

    This mOS cohort introduces a new operating system tool that requires a new paradigm of thinking. Participants MUST use the mOS tool to shape their launch plans.

  • Regular Feedback

    This cohort is a learning laboratory to hopefully help 1,000s of other church plants. Participants MUST actively provide feedback and contribute to the cohort learning.

  • Monthly Reports / Updates

    Participants MUST provide regular status updates during our regularly scheduled Zoom meetings. Participants may occasionally be asked to prepare a written summary of their progress.

  • Teachable Posture

    Participants MUST maintain a teachable and coachable posture with peers, sponsors, coaches, and facilitators.

  • White-Label Sharing

    Participants MUST allow full access and sharing of their developed launch plans with the broader church planting community via the mOS white-label resource library. Personally sensitive information may be excluded from sharing.

  • Accountability

    Participants MUST fully submit to their sponsor/coach as their primary line of authority for accountability during the cohort journey.

Online Application

Please complete the application in one sitting. You can not save the form part way through. We strongly recommend you save a copy of any essay type answers as you fill out the application, just in case there is a problem during submission. Click here to download a digital copy of the application if you want to prepare your answers off line and then paste them into the application. You will need your sponsor endorsement / referral to complete this application. This form takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

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