July 17th

11am EST

Multipliers Pathway

Live Q&A Webinar

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Join David Putman and Todd Wilson on July 17th for a live Q&A discussion about how Multipliers Pathway can help your church engage more intentionally in church planting.

Unlock Your Multiplication Potential!

Learn and apply the new Multipliers Pathway tools to create a church planting action plan for your church!

The next cohort starts on October 8, 2024. Registration is limited to 12 churches. 

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You can do it!

But, It Takes Intentionality

Multiplication is not a normative measure of success, with only 7% of US churches planting. There’s a reason we’re not reproducing. In large part, it’s due to the shortcomings of the prevailing consumer-driven, programmatic operating system. We’ve been adding in a way that actually suppresses reproduction.

To overcome the resistance and become a reproducing church requires intentionality and a plan.

Here's How We Help

The Multipliers Pathway process gives you:

The pathway integrates Auxano’s proven vision planning tools.

The Multipliers Pathway Cohort

A six-month, peer-to-peer collaborative environment for teams of 3-5 leaders from each church. The pathway includes two in-person gatherings and four virtual gatherings. You’ll collaborate with teams from other churches that, like you, want a simple, straightforward way to start planting or to multiply their current results tenfold.

Each Cohort Consists of:

The Pathway

The Multipliers Pathway consists of monthly 3-hour (virtual) and two 1.5-day (in-person) sessions, kicking off October 2024 to walk you through two phases (six sessions).



Information Package

The Power of Proven Coaching

David Putman and Todd Wilson have over 70 years of combined church planting and strategic planning experience. They are passionate about seeing a new generation of healthy, reproducing churches fueled by disciple-making instead of institutional, programmatic growth.

Todd Wilson

Team Leader >> Multipliers

Futuristic | Strategic | Activator

I serve leaders and ministries who are pursuing multiplication, and help them develop vision and strategy for 100X impact. I’m an entrepreneurial engineer, passionate about creating pictures of future possibilities and strategies for turning them into reality. In addition to Multipliers, Todd serves a number of ministries including Passion for Planting and Renew Movement.

David Putman

Catalyst >> Multipliers

Relator | Strategic | Futuristic

I serve as a missionary to the church committed to helping leaders multiply disciples and churches 30, 60, and 100X.  I help churches design macro disciple-making cultures and micro disciple-making tools that lead to disciples who make disciples and churches that plant churches. In addition to Multipliers, David serves a number of ministries including Planting the Gospel

Investment and Return

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Churches / organizations of any size, age, model, or geographic location are welcome to participate in this journey. Given this diversity of participation, some of the registration questions may not apply to your church.

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