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Todd Wilson's Bio

After 20+ years as the founder and CEO of multiple ministries, I’ve settled into a church multiplication activist and missionary role that strongly aligns with the unique sweet spot of my personal calling. I’m an “entrepreneurial engineer” at heart with a strong bias to futuristic and strategic activities that lead to activating Kingdom opportunities with 100X potential.

I’m passionate about seeing people mobilized within the sweet spots of their unique personal callings in the Jesus mission. I dream of seeing this mobilization contribute to movements of healthy reproducing churches. I long for the day when church reproduction becomes a normative measure of success for the church.

In this next season, my vocational energy is razor focused on championing a new, church multiplication operating system (Church mOS) to replace the prevailing church programmatic growth engine that is largely producing cultural Christians and is incapable of Biblical reproduction.

I enjoy helping others create images of future possibilities and the strategies to implement them. My unique calling is best described as: I’m an entrepreneurial engineer (my “be”) who envisages opportunity (my “do”), wherever the is potential for exponential impact (my “go”). As a church multiplication activist and missionary, I help key multiplication influence ministries gain clarity on future possibilities and to develop strategies for bringing the opportunities to life.

I’ve spent over two decades immersed in starting and growing ministries that impact the scorecard of church planting and multiplication. This includes the blessing of founding (or co-founding) numerous ministries:

I’ve also had the blessing of contributing to the design and launch of several national church planting networks including, Stadia, New Thing Network, Vision 360, ECO (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians), and the Church Multiplication Network (CMN).

I received a B.S. in nuclear engineering from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree equivalent from the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory. I spent 15 years serving in the Division of Naval Reactors, one of the top engineering organizations in the world, on nuclear submarine design, operation, maintenance, and overhaul.

I have an honorary Doctor of Ministry (D. Min) from Williamson College and the collective multiplication content I’ve developed is being used as the core syllabus for the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Church Multiplication at Asbury Seminary.

Full-time vocational ministry was not my childhood dream! After a two-year, mid-career wrestling match with God, I was ordained into full‐time vocational ministry in 2000 as the Executive Pastor at New Life Christian Church where I played a visionary and strategic role as New Life grew and implemented key initiatives such as multisite, externally focused, and church planting. New Life has served as my home base and sending church for over 20 years, including financial support as a church multiplication missionary.

I served as the senior strategic associate to Bob Buford (author of the book Halftime and Founder of Halftime and Leadership Network) via an initiative affectionately referred to as Bob Inc. After nearly 15 years of mentoring from Bob, I had the privilege of leading the design and relaunch of Leadership Network in early 2022.

I’ve written/co-written numerous books, including:

  • Stories of Sifted (with Eric Reiss) (2012)
  • Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication (2014)
  • Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church (with Dave Ferguson) (2015)
  • Dream Big, Plan Smart (with Will Mancini) (2016)
  • More: Find Your Personal Calling and Live Life to the Fullest Measure (2016)
  • Dream Big Workbook (with Will Mancini) (2016)
  • Dream Big Questions (with Bill Couchenour) (2016)
  • Multipliers: Leading Beyond Addition (2017)
  • The Legacy of a Hero Maker (with Dave Ferguson – 2018)
  • Made for More (with Rob Wegner in 2018)
  • Mega-Multi-Multiply (with Ralph Moore in 2018)
  • The Mobilization Flywheel (with Larry Walkemeyer in 2019).

I currently spend most of my energy engaged in a wide range of leading-edge and pioneering initiatives aimed at helping catalyze movements of healthy, reproducing churches. I’m also passionate about seeing people discover and deploy their unique personal calling. As a certified Life Planner, I strategically invest in the lives of several leaders and organizations each year.

I live in Durham NC, with my wife Anna.  We have two grown boys, Ben and Chris, who are in full-time ministry, two beautiful daughter-in-laws, Therese and Mariah, a grandson Evan, and a loyal Labrador Retriever named Ellie.

Todd Wilson