This pre-event survey is to help me (Todd Wilson) optimize your experience in the Personal Calling pre-conference gathering at Exponential 2023.

Your responses are confidential and will only be used for me to help serve you.

This gathering will be a hands-on experience with attendees working through 7 different exercises to help define a statement of calling.  We have 5 faculty members to facilitate the experience and we will break into smaller cohorts of 8 to 12 people to work through the interactive exercises.  Your responses to this survey will help us optimize compatibility in these breakout groups.

Thank you for submitting this information.

OPTIONAL:  If you’ve taken any personal assessments like Strengths Finder, DISC, Myers-Briggs, APEST, etc., you may bring copies of your reports for use in some of the exercises. This is completely optional to amplify your experience. No worries if you’ve not taken any assessments. It will not hinder your experience in this training.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have. My email is

Todd Wilson

Personal Calling Pre-conference Survey