Be fruitful, increase greatly, and multiply!

God calls His people to be fruitful and increase in number. Jesus makes this personal by calling us to faithful stewardship and surrender that leads to 30X, 60X, and even 100X impact.

Our Current Reality

Leaders in North America are increasingly disappointed with the results produced by our prevailing programmatic, consumer-driven church operating system. When it does produce, it is producing in decreasing amounts. What it is producing isn’t capable of multiplication. Leaders are awakening to our current reality that disciple-making is not the church’s functional core mission or growth engine.

National Studies

  • 95% of churches do not have a disciple-making culture

  • 93% of churches are not reproducing

These studies also found that church leaders overestimate their church’s effectiveness in disciple-making and that programmatically based growth strategies are a barrier.

Source: National studies sponsored by and Exponential

Multiplication is the fruit of repeated cycles of healthy reproduction. At the heart of healthy reproduction is the RIGHT KIND of addition.

How We Add Matters

While optimized for growth, our programmatically driven operating systems only consume and are incapable of healthy reproduction. Relational disciple-making Jesus’ way is the only time-proven growth strategy leading to multiplication. 

For Such a Time as This!

Truth #1

Growing large, sustainable churches is the understood definition of success fueling the strategies of programmatically-driven churches. Gospel saturation loses its place.

We need new measures of success!

Truth #2

Creating programmatic momentum and overcoming endless growth barriers takes the first fruits of our time, talent, and financial resources. Church planting loses its place.

We need new operating systems!

Truth #3

With only 7% of US churches expressing any kind of reproduction, overcoming the resistance and becoming a reproducing church requires intentionality and a plan.

We need intentionality!

You can do it… we can help!

Our mission is to help you activate the latent multiplication capacity in your life and in your church. We facilitate transformative experiences to help you:

  • Discover your unique personal calling

  • Launch a reproducing church

  • Develop a custom operating system

  • Become a church planting church

  • Understand the principles of multiplication

  • Align your team on a vision for multiplication

  • Develop a scorecard for multiplication

  • Develop a strategy for multiplication

two time-sensitive opportunities

From Ideas to Action

We offer peer-to-peer, cohort based experiences for church planters and church leadership teams. These 6 to 9 month journeys integrate multiplication thinking with the development of actionable plans. You will turn your dreams and good intentions into results and impact, while solidifying a multiplication culture in your church.

Multipliers Pathway Cohort

For Churches

This six-month, peer-to-peer collaborative environment is designed with your team in mind. Ideally, 3-5 leaders from your church will journey alongside leaders from 8 to 12 other churches. The experience includes two face-to-face gatherings and four virtual gatherings.  

Your team will learn together and apply the Multipliers Pathway tools to create both a custom planting strategy and tactical plan to implement that strategy. On the pathway, you’ll also get tools for tuning up or installing a disciple-making engine in your church.

Multipliers OS Cohort

For Church Planters

This nine-month, peer-to-peer learning community is designed for church planting leaders who want disciple-making, mobilization, and multiplication embedded into the DNA of their new churches. The experience includes a mix of in-person gatherings, virtual gatherings, and one-on-one coaching.

Leaders learn and apply the new Multipliers Operating System Design Tool (The mOS Design Tool) to install a unique multiplication model in their new faith community. This cohort is the second round of pilot testing and incorporates significant learnings from the first round. 

Our Team

We’re a community of experienced multiplication activists who care deeply about the mission of Jesus, the future of the church, and the effectiveness of followers of Jesus living on His mission. We exist to come alongside and accelerate the impact of leaders and organizations pursuing Biblical multiplication!

Todd Wilson...

Team Leader >> Multipliers

Futuristic | Strategic | Activator

I serve leaders and ministries who are pursuing multiplication, and help them develop vision and strategy for 100X impact. I’m an entrepreneurial engineer, passionate about creating pictures of future possibilities and strategies for turning them into reality. Click here to visit my web site.

David Putman...

catalyst >> multipliers

Relator | Strategic | Futuristic

I serve as a missionary to the church committed to helping leaders multiply disciples and churches 30, 60, and 100X.  I help churches design macro disciple-making cultures and micro disciple-making tools that lead to disciples who make disciples and churches that plant churches.

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